Three Tips For Disinfecting Basement Walls After A Flood

If you're unfortunate enough to have a flood in your basement, you might be intimidated with all the things you have to do to make everything right again. However, as long as you don't make any critical errors and use the right tools, it's perfectly possible to clean up your basement after a flood in a very efficient manner. To help you with disinfecting basement walls after a flood, remember these three tips.

Go Back With A Towel Ready After You've Cleared Your Basement Of Water

Even after you've cleared your basement of all the flood water, you can still develop problems with mildew later. This is because water that's spread deep into your basement walls will slowly seep out and cover any surfaces it can reach.

So after you've cleared all of the flood water, wait awhile and come back with a towel ready. Wherever you see moisture on the walls, use your towel vigorously to stamp it out. Hopefully, you'll get enough of the residual moisture that no mildew will form out of reach of any disinfectant in the interior of your walls.

Leave A Disinfecting Spray Undisturbed For Plenty Of Time Before You Clean It Up

Most disinfecting sprays that are designed to prevent mildew on basement walls are very powerful. However, if the spray is disturbed by anything while it's in the process of drying, it may be rendered ineffective.

Even a strong gust of air could be enough to wipe away some of the disinfectant on one part of your basement. Therefore, to ensure that you completely eliminate the risk of mildew on your basement walls, give any spray you apply plenty of time to dry undisturbed. Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't even open your basement door until you're sure that the spray has completely dried.

Use A Thick Towel To Dry The Bottom Edges Of Your Walls After The Spray

No matter what you do, some of the spray will fall down your wall and coalesce along the edges of the floor. It's important to completely to remove this spray so that it damages neither your wall nor your floor.

Fortunately, all it takes to clean up fallen spray on the bottom edges of your basement walls is a quick swipe with a small but thick towel. After you're done, run your hand over the parts of the wall you ran your towel over to make sure that nothing's wet.

Since your basement wall is a critical supporting element for your entire home, it's important to protect it. After a flood restoration, don't let concern with other possessions of yours affect the future integrity of your basement.