Dealing With Water Damage After A Flood

Water damage to your home can be difficult to deal with, but if you have been through a flood that left you with damage to your home, calling a water damage restoration contractor can make things easier. The water damage restoration contractor will help you clean what can be cleaned and point out things that need replacing. 

Water Damage to Carpeting or Flooring

Carpets often suffer damage during a flood. The carpeting will hold water and dirt, and even after the water recedes the carpeting will need cleaning. The restoration company you are working with can use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to pull the water out of the carpet. 

In some situations, vacuuming the water out of the carpeting is not enough to save it and the restoration company may have to remove the carpeting for you. If they suspect the floor under the carpet has damage to it, removing the carpeting might be necessary to get the floor underneath and deal with the damage. 

Flooring that simulates wood or tile may have glue holding it down. The water can damage the glue and the flooring, causing it to come loose or curl around the edges. Often, that situation requires replacing the flooring completely, rather than fixing it.

Damage to Wallboard and Trim

The walls in your home are made from wood and wallboard or sheetrock unless the home is very old and then it may be all wood. The wood walls will stand up to the water better than sheetrock will, but many times removing the bottom portion of the sheetrock or wallboard is the best solution.

The restoration contractor can help you determine if you need to remove the entire sheet of sheetrock or if you can just repair the lower portion of the wall. 

Damage to Furnishings

Water damage to your furnishings is often not as bad as you might think it would be. The restoration company can often vacuum the water out of the fabric and hiring an upholstery cleaning company to refresh the furniture can save the furniture for you.

There may be situations where the water damages the frame and the fill material as well, making it nearly impossible to restore the furniture piece. If the furniture is not fabric-covered, water can still damage the wood. Often, wood furniture can have restoration work done on it and the item will be like new. Check with a carpenter that specializes in furniture if you have an item that needs restoration work.