Dealing With Water Damage After A Flood

Water damage to your home can be difficult to deal with, but if you have been through a flood that left you with damage to your home, calling a water damage restoration contractor can make things easier. The water damage restoration contractor will help you clean what can be cleaned and point out things that need replacing.  Water Damage to Carpeting or Flooring Carpets often suffer damage during a flood. The carpeting will hold water and dirt, and even after the water recedes the carpeting will need cleaning.

3 Reasons Why You Should Waterproof Your Crawl Space

Many homes are equipped with crawl spaces, and a lot of these crawl spaces are not finished. A crawl space is typically to the outside in some way to allow air circulation; a crawl space is also often built to make it easier to install and repair the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system inside a home. However, an unfinished crawl space also comes with its owns issues. If you are a homeowner and are considering your next home improvement project, you may want to seriously consider having your home’s crawl space professionally waterproofed.